Safari Zones In Kanha

KanhaTiger Reserve or Kanha National Park is one of the most popular national parks amidst the wild life enthusiasts in every corner of the world. It is one of the most visited tiger reserves of India. Tourist from different parts of India and from the different corners of the world get fascinated to explore this national park and every year a large number of tourists gather here to explore this national park and spot different kinds of wild animals. Tourists from different corners of the world especially visit this place to spot majestic king of the forest, tiger apart from the other wild animal. It is also known as wild life photographer paradise. Its one of the favorite place for nature lovers, wild life lovers, bird lovers and wild life photographers. They come here with their family or alone to spend someprecious time amidst their friends and family and also to enjoy the peaceful environment and the beauty of nature. Most of the tourists want to explore the jungle of kanha national park in an open Gypsy. They enjoy the jungle excursion and spot the wild animals of different species in their natural habitat.

For safari ride there are different safari zones in kanha national park and entry is through gate only. We get confused between the zones and gates, so while planning the jungle excursion of kanha, you have to plan well in advance. You have to select the zones and gates while making your booking for your safari ride. Once you have booked your safari zone, then it is not possible to change it. So enquire properly before making the booking of zone.

The Safari zones in Kanha:

Safari rides in Kanha National Park are conducted by the forest Department. There are four zones in Kanha National park. They are Kanha, Kisli, Sarhi and Mukki in core area which are open for the tourists to explore the national park by making safari ride. Apart from these zones there are 3 buffer zones from where tourists can go for safari ride. Phen Sanctuary is a satellite core of Kanha National Park but t is rarely visited by any tourists. But sighting of sloth bear and leopard are good here in this area.

Tourists can book their tickets for safari ride in any of the zone. Kanha zone s the oldest one but now all the four zones are opened for the tourists from October to June.

The Entry Points:

There are numbers of entry points in Kanha but the main entry points which are opened for tourists are Khatia, Sarhi and Mukki gates.


Sarhi Gate is best suitable to visit Kanha, Sarhi and Kisli zones. Though there are not any good accommodation near this gate. So most of the tourists enter in sarhi zone from Khatia Gate only.

Mukki gate is best suitable for the tourists interested in Mukki, Kanha and Kisli zones.

From Khatia, Sarhi and Mukki Gates, you can make entry to Khatia, Sijhora and Khapa zones respectively.

Your Planning of Jungle Excursion:

While planning your safari ride of Kanha, you have to keep in mind the accessibility for zone as well as gate. If you have kept your accommodation towards Khatia gate then you can easily visit any of the four core zones. While entering from Khatia gate, first reach Kisli zone and then proceed on the designated route to reach your permitted zone. Don’t take Mukki zone especially in your evening safari as in evening jungle excursion, you have less time. So if you will take the route ofMukki zone than you will not get enough time to spend on your designated zone. If you take the route to reach Mukki zone via Kosli zone or vice versa then there are maximum chances of sighting tigers. If you have taken the permit for Sarhizone and booked your accommodation at Mukki gate then you have to travel for 40 kms towards Khatia gate to take entry. You have to be conscious enough while making your booking and choosing the gate and the safari zones.

Khatia Gate is easily accessible from Nagpur, Raipur and Jabalpur. If you are coming from Raipur and Bilaspur then Mukki and Sarhi gate are easily accessible.

Travel Time between the Gates:

Travelling time from Khatia gate to Sarhi or Mukki gate is almost an hour and it takes almost one and half hour for travelling to Sarhi gate from Mukki.

Spotting of Tiger is maximum in Kanha and Mukki zone in comparison to Kisli and Sarhi zones. So book the suitable zone for safari ride in order to avoid any type of disappointment of spotting tiger.

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