Safari Tips In Kanha

Kanha National Park is reckoned as one of the oldest national parks of India and a paradise for wild life enthusiasts. This beautiful place is a home to vivid flora and fauna species. If you are a Tiger lover, then Kanha National Park is the best place for spotting Tigers during your Safari ride. Apart from Tiger, there are numbers of other wild species in Kanha National Park to catch your attention. Tiger is the most important attraction of Kanha. Its one of the best place amidst the various national park for wild photography enthusiasts.

You can explore the beautiful and dense jungle of Kanha my making different safari rides. It wilgove you an exciting, thrilling and life time experience of nature and the wild life. But safari rides are abided by certain rules and regulations. Every visitors has to follow those rules and regulations. To enjoy the safari ride to your utmost level, thee are some important tips for safari ride, only you to keep those tips in mind and must follow it. Your trip will be full of excitement and enjoyment.

Tips for Safari ride:
  • The tickets for safari ride in kanha national park is limited so one has to make the bookings of the safari ride in Kanha as soon as possible. You can book your tickets 120 days in advance to the exact date of your visit to Kanha National Park.
  • While going for safari ride, it is mandatory to carry identity proof original documents. You have to carry thr same document of ID proof as the details of which you have given at the time of booking safari ride.
  • In order to make your trip of safari ride exciting and fruitful, you should carry a camera, binoculars and bird look to identify different birds and their activities.
  • Always go for comfortable walking shoes. Its must to check the walking shoes every time before wearing it. there might be some scorpions or other creatures. So to avoid any type of insect bite or from other creatures try to check your shoes everytime before wearing it.
  • In winter season, carry proper woolen clothes while going on safari ride in Kanha and in summer, it is must to use effective sunscreen before going for safari ride in kanha.
  • Don’t forget to carry your personal medicines and caps/hats while going on for safari ride in kanha to explore the dense jungle of Kanha.
  • Try to avoid use of perfumes before your safari ride and try to wear the clothes of muted forest colors like beiges or earthy green.
  • Afternoon Jeep Safari ride in Kanha National Park remains closed on every Wednesday for visitors.
  • On Diwali and Holi festival, both the safari rides, morning as well as evening remains closed for the visitors in Kanha National Park.
  • Night Patrolling and Elephant safari rides are possible only in case of availability. There is no provision of advance booking for these rides. So if you are interested, you have to book on spot only and it will be booked if it is available.
  • If you are planning for safari ride in Kanha then you must check the information about the bus schedule by visiting the site and if you are interested for trains or flights then visut the site IRCTC and cleartrip or other sites for flight information. You can plan your trip of Kanha by taking information from these sites and can plan your journey accordingly.
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