Places To See Near Kanha

Kanha National Park is a perfect place for a history buff, nature lovers, wild life lovers or wild life photographer enthusiast. It’s a beautiful place with numbers of attractions for the tourists, in and around the Kanha National Park. Though it is famous as the largest national park with highest tiger density of Tigers, but it has plethora of attractive tourists’ destinations in the nearby area of Kanha. These are the amazing tourists’ destinations, where you can easily quench your thirst of touring at unique destinations. Apart from enjoying the sight of big cats, you can also relish your time in Raneh Falls and Bamni Dadar. In the close proximity of Kanha, you can enjoy your vacation by exploring some gems of Madhya Pradesh. Some of the incredible places which can be easily located while Kanha excursion:

Kanha Museum: Kanha Museum is only 11 kms from Kanha National ParkKanha Museum is an important place to visit by tourist during Kanha excursion. Kanha Museum is a unique place where tourists get aware about the interesting notes and facts about the Kanha National Park like topography and some other interesting aspects.Kanha museum renders numbers of attractions especially for the wild life buffs. They enjoy numbers of exciting experiences apart from the interesting facts and notes. Evening sound show is the major attraction of the Kanha museum which will be enjoyed by every tourist.

Mandla: Mandla is a beautiful place near Kanha National Park. It is just 35 kms from Kanha National Park. This place is famous for sacred temples and sky-high forts. It is a beautiful nature filled place which offers its visitors with the beautiful ands the dazzling view of RaptaGhat and RangrezGhat. These ghats includes the tributaries and the catchment area of River Narmada amidst which the town of Mandla lies. Tourists have memorable experience by watching the fort encircled by Sahastradhara River.

Amarkantak: Amarkantak is a famous Teerthraj which is located at only 159 kms from the famous Kanha National Park. Even from the ecological perspective, this mystic land is famous for having excess of medicinal properties plants and this make this place noteworthy. Some of the plants here are rare species which has high medicinal properties. Though it is the emerging point of Sone, Narmada andJohila Rivers, it is more famous for DudhDhara waterfalls. This waterfall is famous for having foaming water which gives the look of milk. There are numbers of attractions for tourists in Amarkantak also, like Narmada Udgam Temple, Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple and many others.

Bamni Dadar: You will enjoy to capture the bewildering sight of sunset from this beautiful place, which is famous as the sunset point of Kanha. As Bamni Dadar is the highest plateau which is located at a distance of 275 kms from Kanha National Park it offers captivating views of the beautiful exquisite forest. From the British time this place has take off region from where with the help of aircrafts they use to enjoy the bird eye view of Kanha National Park. Apart from the beautiful sunset, tourists here enjoy the sighting of spotted deer, enthralling barking deer and Indian Bison.

Panchmarhi: Panchmarhi is a beautiful hill station which is worth to visit especially the tourists who visits Kanha National Park. It is just 300 kms away from Kanha National Park. This beautiful place is famous by the name of “Queen of Satpura”. This beautiful place is settled and located in the lap of nature. It is concealed solitaire of the state Madhya Pradesh. The excitement of the tourists will be overwhelmed by the excursion of this enthralling land which offers a mesmerizing beauty of the scenic spots, waterfalls, rock paintings and the Satpura Mountain Ranges. Apart from the nature’s beauty, this place is also treasured by the ancient caves of the Buddhist era.

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