Elephant Safari In Kanha:

Kanha National Park is the largest national park in Madhya Pradesh. This Tiger reserve was the inspiration to a popular novel writer, Rudyard Kiplings to write Jungle Book. This beautiful national park is located amidst the lush Vindhyan Ranges and it is the actual treasure house of a wide range of fauna and flora. Though tourists enjoy open Jeep Safari to explore the jungle of Kanha National Park but Elephant Safari in Kanha National Park is one of the most exciting way to get rendezvous with a large variety of wildlife and their life style in Kanha National Park.

Elephant safari ride in Kanha Tiger Reserve will offer you an opportunity to explore the thick forested areas of Sal and Teak and its rich biodiversity. This national park has wide range of wild life and it comprises of big cats(tiger), barking deer, the Indian wild dog, Indian fox, Indian bison or gaur, sloth bear, striped hyena, panther, jungle cat, mouse deer, the world famous Barasingha, the four horned antelope and many others. It is the only national park which is home to a large variety of animals at a place. While riding on an elephant’s back tourists click a large number of beautiful photographs of wild animals in their natural habitat and also catches the marvelous beauty of nature in their camera.

Charges of Elephant Safari in Kanha:

Charges for Elephant Safari in Kanha National Park is available at Rs 500 per person. Charges for children below five years is free. You can enjoy elephant safari ride in 2-seater or 4-seater options.

Duration of Elephant Safari in Kanha:

The duration of the elephant safari ride in Kanha National Park takes around 1-2 hours.

How to reach Kanha National Park:

  • Nearest Airport: Jabalpur Airport(137kms)
  • Nearest Railway Station (Bilaspur Junction(179 kms) and Jabalpur Railway Station(127 kms)

Safari Zones in Kanha National Park

There are four safari zones in Kanha National Park. They are Kanha, Mukki, Kisli and Sarhi. Though elephant safari is not the only way to explore the Kanha National Park but it is one of the best ways to explore the jungle of Kanha and spot the wild life in their natural habitat. For most of the tourists, elephant safari ride is one of the prime attractions too. You can choose the full day safari or only tiger shows. With the help of elephant safari ride you will get the opportunity to access those parts of the Jungle of Kanha where Jeep safari is just impossible. Amidst the wild life enthusiasts, elephant safari ride for spotting wild life is very popular.It is one of the best choices amidst the wild life enthusiasts, educational groups, documentary makers and the wild life photographers. Elephant safari ride also offers safer, less noisy and no pollution safari ride of Kanha National Park.

Types of Safaris in Kanha

Elephant safari ride is the cheaper and the easiest option to enjoy Tiger Show Program. It is organized especially in the Morning Safari ride. Once the trackers successfully track the tiger, 3-4 visitors on the elephant safari enjoys the spotting of Tigers in their natural habitat. This is paid service and the fee for this elephant safari ride for spotting tigers is to be paid to the officials of forest department in advance.

The second type of safari ride is for longer duration but it is little bit costlier. It is a full day safari ride and requires prior booking and the written permission from the field Director of Kanha National Park. It is recommended to take permission well in advance at least one month in advance. While giving the permissions given by the officials of the forest department, some of the important point is to be considered like area of safari, photography or education tour, purpose safari and many other important points. Fee for the elephant safari ride is paid well in advance at the time of booking, and it includes security amount which is to be refunded after completing the safari ride. You can enjoy the elephant safari ride on the decided dates.

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