Best Time To Visit In Kanha

Kanha National Park is famous as a prime Tiger Land having beautiful flora and fauna, innumerable streams, lush green forests beautified with shadows and sunlight and many other things. Just imagination about the Kanha National Park, makes us excited and compels us to plan and explore the dense jungle of KanhaNatonal Park soon.

Kanha National Park is located in the beautiful state of Madhya Pradesh. It is famous as a best place to have scientific Conservation management in India. It justifies this fact by reflecting its success of Project Tiger and boast to have a significant number of majestic Tigers. This national park also boasts as a home to a wide range of animals including a good number of Tigers, Bara singha, Hiran, Jackal, a ubiquitous chital, black faced Langur, monkeys and Guar. You can also enjoy the opportunity to spot sloth bears, porcupines, sambar, pythons and a magnificent mouse deer.

The Kanha National Park abodes an exotic and colorful range of avifauna which includes Indian rollers, bee-eaters, golden orioles, paradise flycatchers, outlandish hornbills, golden orioles, egrets and numerous kingfishers. The diversity of fauna and flora of the Kanha National Park attracts huge numbers of visitors from different corners of the world.

Best Time to Visit:

It’s the most important thing to decide that in which season you should plan your trip of Kanha National Park, when the weather of Kanha is pleasant and the tourists should enjoy their trip to their extreme level. in Kanha National Park, summers are hot. The temperature touches its extreme level in summer season from, April to June. The temperature here goes to 43-degree C. From November to February, it is cold in winter season. Still the best period to visit Kanha is from October to June. This beautiful national park remains closed from July to September in the monsoon season for visitors. Though this is the breeding season for wild animals and also and the condition of the road are not navigable duringte monsoon season. The condition of the road becomes miserable. Every year, this famous national park remains open from 15th October to 30th June for the visitors.

The peak season to visit Kanha National Park is during winters as during this period the climate of central part of India is more suitable to the tourists. So, a huge crowd can be seen during the winter months from October to march. For most of the tourists. from India or from outside India, the heat of the summer season is unbearable and so they prefer to visit this national park from November to March. The weather and the atmosphereof the Kanha National Park is at its best between November and February. Entire nature and the vegetation get rejuvenated after the monsoon. Even this period is most suitable for bird watching, so especially the bird lovers must choose this periodto watch the activities of birds in their natural habitat. Most of the migratory birds visit this lovely national park during the winter season. From March to May, the vegetation gets dried and the possibilities of Tiger Sightings becomes relatively easier in comparison to winter months.

So, you can also choose the month of March to visit this national park as it is not too hot and the viewing of every kind of wild life gets sure. In the months of April and May, the spotting of wild animals becomes too easy and it’s the best months for the wild life photographers also. So from October to June, every time is exciting for the tourists to explore the dense jungle and the wild life of Kanha.

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